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The SciTech Media Commitment

“SciTech Media is your one-stop solution for finding your audience, segmenting them based on their needs and interests, then engaging them with content that builds trust, loyalty and advocacy for your brand.”


SciTech Media is your partner in identifying the needs of consumers and the preferred media preferences of your elusive prospects.

We are in the business of capturing the imagination through creative design, interesting content and innovative branding solutions. Pick and choose from our diverse media products to reach a wide-ranging audience.

We utilize an integrated approach that allows our readers to interact with your product or service across multiple faceted media touch points. From your doorstep and newsstand, to your inbox and mobile device, SciTech Media connects audiences with compelling content in every space.

Let us show you how to reach your audiences where they live, and do so authentically and authoritatively. Engagement, after all, is about brand messaging that’s helpful and useful and delivered in the right context at the right time.


We offer our advertisers maximum exposure by doing the following:

By capturing imaginations through interesting content in a quality printed publication, we ensure that your advert will get maximum exposure and not end up in a bin.


We live by this quote: “Bend the tree while it is young…”

SciTech Media is owned and managed by Estrelieta Waldeck who has been a single mother since 1998 when her son was only 5 years old. Over the years, she also cared for several troubled kids with broken homes and became a mother figure in their lives. Her heart and soul goes into her business every day to ensure the people who came to depend on her, are cared for. Therefore, SciTech Media invest in education. After all… Our children are the leaders of tomorrow. We believe that in order to shape a better future for South Africa, we must shape our future leaders (get them while they’re young).

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